Zach Hyman celebrating his 50th goal of the season against the Ottawa Senators.
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Oilers' Hyman gets emotional reflecting on reaching 50 goal milestone

Published March 24, 2024 at 5:59 PM

Since the day he's joined the Oilers, no one has worked harder than Zach Hyman. After scoring his 50th of the season today, he got emotional about reaching the milestone.

Hyman has always fought for every second of ice time and has always worked to impress whomever the coach may be. He's been McDavid's most productive winger and has been stapled to his line due to their insane chemistry. Hyman has been unbelievably productive this year, having a career year and finally hitting a milestone he never would have thought possible. He had a very emotional and inspiring interview with Gene Principe at the intermission.

In his 68th game of the season against the Ottawa Senators, Zach Hyman scored another goal to join the very exclusive 50 goal club. He currently holds second in the league for goals scored and has the possibility to hit 55 or even surpass that this season.

It's insane to look back at the fact that Hyman was not only a free agent, but was practically pushed out of Toronto. Hyman's work ethic has been there every step of his season, and Toronto majorly missed out by not signing him. Chris Johnston has a quote from Hyman on his impressive improvement journey throughout his career.

It's an emotional reflection on reaching the fifty goal milestone for Hyman. The fact he was never considered the best player on the team, his constant work ethic and dedication has led to him ascending to one of the greatest career milestones in the NHL. Hyman is a living testament that hard work really does pay off, and it's fantastic to see.

This season has been an amazing season from Zach Hyman and he has definitely deserved all the praise he's been getting. Hyman has been one of the best pickups for the Oilers in the McDavid era, and is rightfully tearing up the league.
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Oilers' Hyman gets emotional reflecting on reaching 50 goal milestone

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