Florida Panthers flight to Edmonton disrupted indefinitely by monsoon

Liam McCormick
June 12, 2024  (12:05)

Florida Panthers flight on top of weather Radar
Photo credit: OilersDaily

The Florida Panthers practiced this morning and were supposed to be in the air to Edmonton by now, but their flight has been delayed by a monsoon affecting the area.

This monsoon which has impacted South Florida the past two days is affecting the #FlaPanthers flight to Edmonton.

They are delayed, but expect to get there tonight.

Flight scheduled for 1 but many players and staff still at complex.

Obviously knowing a severe storm was coming, it's a curious decision that the Panthers didn't fly out of Florida earlier. In a follow up tweet, George Richard of The Hockey News said that Fort Lauderdale is experiencing flooding and serious drainage issues.

Florida Panthers flight experiencing several delays due to monsoon

As of now, the plane still hasn't taken off, and has been delayed several times now. The storm is showing no signs of slowing down as of now, and with a 4+ hour flight to Edmonton, it's possible the Panthers could have their flight seriously delayed into the night.
The Flight was scheduled to leave shortly after noon today, but has now been delayed several times. The plane is now hoping for a 2:37 takeoff time, but that could be delayed as well.
This could end up being a serious obstacle to the Panthers players. Professional hockey players are notorious creatures of habit, and sitting in an airport for delayed flights through a storm is a serious disruption to their schedule. If they get into Edmonton extremely late tonight or even tomorrow morning, it could be a tough start to the game for the Panthers tomorrow.
Hopefully the Panthers have a safe flight to Edmonton, but this kind of delay in schedule could have real effects on the ice. On the other hand, it could give the Panthers some fun off the ice adversity to rally around. Regardless, game 3 in Edmonton is a must-win for the Oilers if they want a real chance to come back in this series.
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Florida Panthers flight to Edmonton disrupted indefinitely by monsoon

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