Insider reveals Oilers plan for Jack Campbell in the next two weeks

Liam McCormick
June 12, 2024  (10:13)

Jack Campbell with the Edmonton Oilers
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With less than two weeks left until the Cup Final is over and the offseason begins, teams are beginning to prepare for their biggest moves - including the Oilers buying out Jack Campbell.

According to insider Frank Seravalli, Jack Campbell is the second most likely player to be bought out when this offseason begins.
It was telling that he wasn't even on Edmonton's radar as Stuart Skinner struggled in Round 2 and they turned to journeyman Cal Pickard. They didn't trust Campbell. It's hard to imagine that changing.

Yes, the buyout isn't pretty, but the Oilers can't continue with $3.85 million in buried cap space devoted to Campbell. Edmonton needs relief from that and stretching out the term of Campbell's deal in exchange for $2.85 million in cap savings
- Frank Seravalli

The Oilers have done their best over the last season to find a taker in trade for Jack Campbell, but that would cost the team real hockey assets to offload his deal. It may be best for the Oilers to take a purely financial hit in buying Campbell instead of paying draft picks and prospects for another team to take him.
Campbell's contract for $5M each season is on the Oilers' books until 2027, and in a competitive window, they can't keep that kind of salary buried in the minors. As Seravalli said, taking the near $3M in cap savings and extended the contract over the next few years makes the most sense for the Oilers.

Oilers can buyout Jack Campbell's contract prior to free agency

According to CapFriendly, the buyout period this year will begin in two weeks time, 48 hours after a potential Game 7 of the Cup Final. It's very likely the Oilers buyout Campbell then, and use the cap flexibility to address the team's needs in free agency.
The buyout period begins the later of June 15 or 48 hours after the Stanley Cup Final ends. It concludes on June 30 at 5pm ET.
- CapFriendly

Despite not playing with the team since November of this year, Campbell has still been with the team in the playoffs, there in the room with them during moments like the series win over Dallas.
Since the time he arrived in Edmonton, Campbell seemed to crumble under the weight of expectations of his contract and starter status for a Cup Contender. He was never a true starting goalie, and his confidence was rattled by it terribly. It's unknown if a team would take a risk on the 32 year old goalie as a backup, but next year, it's likely that Campbell plays in the AHL - or his career may be over.
Source: Daily Faceoff
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Insider reveals Oilers plan for Jack Campbell in the next two weeks

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