Connor Bedard saluting the Chicago crowd
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Connor Bedard dons the captaincy in Chicago for first time

Published February 25, 2024 at 2:21 PM

Today, NHL fans caught a glimpse into the future as Connor Bedard donned a Chicago Blackhawks jersey with the Captaincy on it for the first time. Bedard arrived to today's game wearing an old Black Chris Chelios jersey.

This year's Chicago Blackhawks still don't have a team captain, as is the right choice as the team goes through what will probably be a lengthy rebuild. However, everyone would assume Bedard will be the team's next captain once he gets a few years of league experience under his belt. Today as he wore the Chelios' captain jersey, he looked like he owned it and knew that's in his future.

If that goes to plan, Bedard will become the first captain of the Blackhawks since Jonathan Toews, and he'll have quite the shoes to fill. Bedard's just returned to the lineup recently after taking a big hit that broke his jaw and knocked him out for weeks, and he's continued his incredible play in his rookie year. Through 44 games, Bedard leads all rookies in scoring with 17 goals and 39 points all by himself on the depleted Hawks roster.

As both the league's newest generational talent and the saviour of the Chicago Blackhawks, Connor Bedard has quite the legacy to live up to, and he looks ready for the challenge.
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Connor Bedard dons the captaincy in Chicago for first time

When will Bedard be named Captain of the Hawks?

Next season28138.7 %
After his rookie contract31843.7 %
He won't be captain12817.6 %
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