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Bruins defenceman brutally spears Capitals forward in the jewels

Published February 10, 2024 at 4:07 PM
Recently in the NHL it seems like there's been a ton of blatant infractions, and suspension worthy offences. One of the worst teams for this has historically been the Boston Bruins, as they are known for being rough and sometimes over the top. They held up this stereotype today against the Washington Capitals, as Matt Grzelcyk makes a blatantly stupid choice that could've resulted in a serious injury.

Grzelcyk was given a five-minute major penalty and a game misconduct for spearing. This penalty was obviously intentional, as Pacioretty hadn't done anything to Grzelcyk and was simply trying to clog up the lanes in front of the net.

It seems like these infractions are just becoming more and more popular, and at some point the department of player safety needs to get ahead of the infractions while they can. It seems that some people are calling for him to be suspended, and as always some people think suspending him would be stupid. People seem to be on the fence about this suspension more than most, so if he doesn't get suspended it would probably be around 1-2 games.

February 10   |   814 answers
Bruins defenceman brutally spears Capitals forward in the jewels

Should he be suspended for this?

No suspension11313.9 %
1-2 games21125.9 %
3+ games49060.2 %
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