Tom Wilson after high sticking Noah Gregor.
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BREAKING: Tom Wilson suspended multiple games for violent high stick

Published March 22, 2024 at 3:59 PM

Moments ago, the NHL Department of Player Safety announced their decision to suspend Tom Wilson six games for a violent high stick against Leafs forward Noah Gregor.

In the play, Wilson was battling for body position with Gregor when he clearly whipped out his arm and swung his stick with force into Gregor's face. Gregor was left bloodied and Wilson was assessed a double minor penalty for the play.

This high stick is especially costly for Wilson, who will forfeit an incredible $161,458 in salary due to the suspension.

The Department of Player Safety decided to make an example of Wilson here with a harsh suspension, and a message towards players who are repeat offenders. Wilson's past antics come into play, and take away the benefit of the doubt when he claims that it wasn't intentional. In addition, the onus is always on players to control their sticks, and even if Wilson just made a mistake here, he recklessly threw it around and someone got hurt.

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BREAKING: Tom Wilson suspended multiple games for violent high stick

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