Zach Hyman doing a post game interview.
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Hyman gives awkward answer when asked about return to Toronto

Published March 22, 2024 at 2:50 PM

Zach Hyman is having an incredible season, and when asked about his return to Toronto, he needed a moment to gather himself.

Hyman sits tied for second in goals in the league and is slowly creeping up on a goal milestone that very few players have ever hit. With the Oilers' next game being Saturday against the Leafs, Hyman has a chance to hit the 50-goal mark against his former team, the team that never believed in him. When asked how he felt about this possible achievement, he was weirdly hesitant to answer any questions.

«Oh yeah. (long pause) Like, obviously it would be special, but I'm not focused on it, sure I'll be asked about it a lot tomorrow and on Saturday. Obviously, have a look at it now which is kind of cool to go into the game and you have an opportunity to do that, but really, I just want to win there. I don't think I've won there since I've been here. It would be great to go in there and win.»

It's a very odd reaction from Hyman, as most players would at least have something quick to say. Hyman weirdly seems to still have a lot of respect still for his old team and completely brushes off the comment, opting to focus more on getting the win with the team. This is exactly like Hyman as he has always been a player to put the team's accomplishments above his own.

Hyman will almost definitely hit 50 goals this season, and even has a chance at scoring 55+ if he stays hot. It's nice to see Hyman being rewarded for his amazing work ethic and it seems he has finally found a home in Edmonton. Not to mention that Hyman has been one of, if not the best contract that Holland has signed in his tenure with the Oilers. Hyman has been an amazing free agency pickup, and hopefully he can show the Leafs just how much they missed out on.
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Hyman gives awkward answer when asked about return to Toronto

Is Hyman Holland's best contract on the team?

Yes32975.6 %
No, Draisaitl is7116.3 %
No, another player is358 %
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