Jake Guentzel with the Pittsburgh Penguins
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BREAKING: Pittsburgh Penguins officially trading Jake Guentzel

Published March 7, 2024 at 4:40 PM

Moments ago, news broke from NHL insiders that the Pittsburgh Penguins are finalizing a trade to send star forward Jake Guentzel to the Carolina Hurricanes.

The move comes as the Penguins have disappointed greatly and are on pace to miss the playoffs for the second year straight, after making the playoffs for the previous 11 years. Trading Guentzel is a sign that the Penguins management is finally signing off on this dynastic era of the team, and poses more questions than answers about their future.

Hurricanes forward Michael Bunting was just reported to have been scratched by Carolina, and given Penguins GM Dubas' history with the player, he's almost certainly part of the return. Along with Bunting, the Hurricanes are likely sending a first round draft pick. Guentzel will add an elite offensive option to Carolina, and provide them incredible scoring talent through the playoffs - something they sorely needed.

Guentzel was the primary target of the Edmonton Oilers for months heading into the deadline, but it became apparent that the Oilers weren't willing to pay the price to acquire Guentzel - and instead shored up multiple parts of their lineup.
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BREAKING: Pittsburgh Penguins officially trading Jake Guentzel

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