Nick Cousins and Matthew Tkachuck
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NHL's most hated player gets fined for embellishment

Published March 7, 2024 at 1:28 PM

Moments ago, the NHL announced that the league has fined Florida Panthers forward Nick Cousins $2000 for embellishment.

The NHL had previously issued Cousins a warning for embellishment, which means that any offence after that he will be fined for. Cousins is being fined for a ridiculous play that occurred February 27th against the Buffalo Sabres, where Cousins laid down on the ice pretending to be very hurt to draw a penalty, before miraculously recovering and getting up to join a scrum.

At this year's NHL All Star Break, an anonymous poll of players voted Cousins to have ‘the most punchable face' in the league, pretty much a stand-in for the most hated player around the league. This kinds of displays are brutal and have no place in hockey, and it's clearly one of the reasons players and fans don't like Cousins. It's good that he was fined here, and hopefully he straightens his head on and doesn't try this stuff again.
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NHL's most hated player gets fined for embellishment

Should players be suspended for repeat offences of embellishment?

Yes, have to stop it117889.2 %
No, fine is enough846.4 %
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