Rielly cross checking Greig
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BREAKING: Bettman delivers decision on Morgan Rielly suspension

Published February 20, 2024 at 10:41

Moments ago, news broke from several sources that Gary Bettman has upheld the decision to suspend Morgan Rielly five games for his cross check against Senators forward Ridly Greig.

Last week, Rielly delivered a retaliatory cross check to Greig after he took a slap shot into an empty net. It sparked a massive debate among the hockey world as to whether or not Greig's actions were cocky and disrespectful, and if Rielly's cross check was warranted.

Greig's shot was absolutely a taunt that warranted a response from the Leafs, but Rielly did go too far with the cross check specifically making contact with the head. Fortunately, Greig wasn't injured on the play, and he likely learned his lesson to not taunt the opposition and not expect a response. It was also a sign the Leafs are becoming a tougher team as a whole.

It was pretty much an assurance that Bettman would uphold the Department of Player Safety's suspension, despite plenty of support for Rielly across the league. Bettman can't alter the suspension without seemingly undermining the decision of Player Safety, which adds credence to the criticism directed to the department - something the commissioner doesn't want. Even with a five game suspension, it's still la worthy price for a worthy response for Morgan Rielly.
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BREAKING: Bettman delivers decision on Morgan Rielly suspension

Is five games the right decision?

Yes, it's fair24143.3 %
Too harsh, deserves less14325.7 %
Too little, deserves more17331.1 %
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