Why Is Jonathan Quick Not Playing In The NHL Playoffs?

Dylan Robillard
May 12, 2023  (10:05)

Jonathan Quick, after having a crazy Trade Deadline. Being moved from Los Angeles, to Columbus, then back closer to home in Las Vegas. He came flying out of a cannon, playing unreal. Winning 4 straight with his new team and only allowing 9 goals, with a shutout in the mix.

Things were looking up for both Jonathan Quick and the Vegas Golden Knights, who desperately needed goaltending. But since that magical start, it has been pretty quiet. In his next 5 starts he allowed 19 goals, with a SV% well below .900.
Now as the Stanley Cup Playoffs have begun, the Vegas Golden Knights are still playing youth over experience. Which could really come back to haunt them, as there is no sign of the 2 time Stanley Cup Champion, Jonathan Quick.
I understand you want to go with what is working right now, which nothing really is. As Laurent Brossoit, supposedly the «starting goaltender» is hurt.
So, who is next up to start in net for the Golden Knights?
Could it be the goalie with over 90 Playoff games under his belt, or the rookie goalkeeper, who has never seen the NHL Playoffs until a couple nights ago.
So, again It begs the question. Why on earth are the Vegas Golden Knights, choosing the young guys over experienced players and goaltenders who know what it's like to play in the big moments?
Now, yes the argument is that Jonathan Quick, struggled near the end of the season. But if you take a look at Quick, from the regular season last year and what the Los Angeles Kings got in the Playoffs, it was a big difference.
Jonathan Quick, is made for those big moments. He played the Edmonton Oilers last year in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, although they took him out. It still took the Oilers 7 games, and it was the Kings who fell apart not Quick.
In 92 NHL Playoff games Jonathan Quick, has a .921 SV%, and a 2.31 GAA, with 49 wins, and 10 shutouts on top of all that.
The Vegas Golden Knights, could end up really regret sitting there Stanley Cup Champion goaltender. As it will come back to bite them, sooner rather than later.
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Why Is Jonathan Quick Not Playing In The NHL Playoffs?

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