Tkachuk takes a run at Hurricanes' goalie after penalty shot

Published December 13, 2023 at 8:51
If there's one thing many NHL fans know is that the Tkachuk family is one of the most competitive against one another and the rest of the NHL. From their father Keith's time in the NHL all the way down to Matthew and Brady this family is fierce and hate to be embarrassed.

Brady's Ottawa Senators faced off against the Carolina Hurricanes where the Hurricanes were dominating the game. Nearing the end of the third, there was a call on the play that Carolina goaltender Pytor Kochtkov threw his stick which resulted in a penalty shot.

Tkachuk was elected to take the shot and streaked down the ice where he was met with a surprise move.

Kochetkov decided to poke check which is one of the oldest tricks in a goalies tool belt which resulted in Brady falling into the boards. Tkachuk hated the move and decided to take on Kotchetkov in which he was awarded a 10-minute misconduct.

This family will always be a lightning rod for controversy and will give the NHL fan base something to talk about or laugh about.
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Tkachuk takes a run at Hurricanes' goalie after penalty shot

Did Brady Tkachuk deserve his 10 misconduct agaisnt Pytor Kotchtkov?

Yes, it was a simple poke check.41668.9 %
No , he tried to trip him18831.1 %
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