The Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup Ring Goes Hard

Published October 9, 2023 at 7:53 PM

In their first six years as an expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights won their first Stanley Cup.

After the Misfits and their battalions on the Knights won a Stanley Cup, the winner would likely be whoever won the series between the Edmonton Oilers and Knights.


A ridiculously detailed Golden Knights ring commemorates their victory.

You will see all 9 goals scored during the cup-clinching Game 5 in detail. The ring features the team motto: Vegas Born & Always Advance, adding depth to the design.

Obviously, everyone can gloat about that 9 goal game 5 with the top detachable as well as worn as a pendant.

It's perfect. Perfect. Everything. Down to the last, minute details

The front also features 16 stars representing the teams 16 playoff wins, six stones surrounding a Stanley Cup describing how long it took the team to win one, 67 white diamonds to represent the team's regular season victory, and 32 diamonds to represent the 32 NHL teams.

Collaboration with Jason of Beverly Hills led to the creation of the ring, which is as stunning as the franchise itself.
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The Vegas Golden Knights Stanley Cup Ring Goes Hard

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