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The Montreal Canadiens Are Prepared to Send a Fan-Favourite Packing

Published October 15, 2023 at 10:53 PM

Trade Potential at Upcoming Deadline

In the midst of their rebuilding phase, the Montreal Canadiens are making some significant decisions as the NHL trade deadline approaches. One name that's been circulating in trade talks is defenseman David Savard.

Canadiens as Sellers

As the Canadiens gear up for a rebuilding period, they're expected to be active participants in the upcoming trade deadline as sellers. With this in mind, the possibility of Savard being put on the trade block is becoming more plausible.

David Savard's skill set makes him an enticing option for playoff-bound teams looking to strengthen their defensive lineup. He's known for his physical play, proficiency in killing penalties, and the ability to contribute offensively. These attributes could make him a valuable asset for a team eyeing a deep playoff run.

The Trade Outlook

Savard, currently in the third year of a four-year contract with zero trade protection, is a flexible trade candidate. While the Canadiens consider their long-term plans, the trade deadline will reveal whether they decide to part ways with this seasoned right-shot defenseman.

The NHL trade deadline always brings a sense of anticipation, and Savard's potential availability adds another layer of intrigue to the upcoming trade season.

Hockey enthusiasts will be closely monitoring how this situation unfolds as teams vie for valuable assets in their quest for playoff success.

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The Montreal Canadiens Are Prepared to Send a Fan-Favourite Packing

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