The Edmonton Oilers have this wildcard in the hole

Published August 15, 2023 at 7:52

This season, the Edmonton Oilers will be looking to Dylan Holloway to make a significant leap forward.

Holloway impressed many scouts prior to playing in the 2020 NHL because of his versatility, being able to play both forward and center.

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Bob Stauffer
One of the biggest wild cards IMO for the upcoming season for the
will be Dylan Holloway.
With his speed, skill and physicalityto me he is at minimum a top-9 forward
Butcan he work himself into the mix as a potential option as a top-6 FWD?

During this season, Bob Stauffer, a commentator for the Edmonton Oilers, believes Holloway to be the team's wildcard. Stauffer believes he has a ceiling of the top 6, but at the moment his play has placed him in the top 9.

For the Edmonton Oilers, Holloway scored 3 goals and contributed 9 points in 51 games.

With Holloway's skill set, he can easily transition up and down the lineup.

Given Holloway's production and great two-way style of play, he could find himself moving up a line with how the team is currently structured.

However, all of that depends on his performance on the ice.
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The Edmonton Oilers have this wildcard in the hole

Do you think Dylan Holloway moves up into the top-6 in his future?

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