The Edmonton Oilers new President of Hockey Ops makes big promises

Published August 15, 2023 at 7:52

With the appointment of Jeff Jackson to the position of President of Hockey Operations by Darryl Katz, the Edmonton Oilers are looking to change the way they operate.

As far as I can tell, Jeff Jackson paints himself as an innovator, which would be useful if it is true.

In an interview on «The Bob McCown Podcast» this week, Jackson was quoted saying his goal was to «make sure we're competitive for the next five to 10 years, putting in innovative processes. Whether it's improving the analytics department, the sports science department, things to prevent injuries.»

Jackson stated his goal of making the team more competitive and better over the next five to ten years on The Bob McCown Podcast. Achieving his goals will require innovative techniques.

Jackson said, in a sentence, what he hopes to accomplish which is of course, use analytics to make the team better. Moreover, he indicated that the sports science department has the flexibility to improve so that they can prevent future injuries.

It is clear that his goals are sound and thoughtful, but he will certainly need to look into several areas of implementation, including nutrition, the brain game, movement and technical work, posture and range of motion, and hydration.

Jackson must keep the talent pool stocked by focusing on amateur player acquisition and development.

If his lofty goals are able to be achieved, this will be a great hire by the Edmonton Oilers.

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The Edmonton Oilers new President of Hockey Ops makes big promises

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