Team USA celebrating their 2024 World Juniors gold medal.
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Team USA Captain shows no class while accepting gold at World Juniors

Published January 5, 2024 at 3:45 PM
Earlier today, the IIHF's world juniors tournament came to a close as the USA beat Sweden on their home ice to win the gold medal. Team USA was highly ranked going into the tournament, perhaps the favourites along with the Swedish team.

However, despite their high pedigree going into the tournament and their impressive 6-2 victory over the Swedes, the American team was brought down by showing no class in their victory. Two incidents stick out the most from the game, the first being from when defenceman Sam Rinzel scored to put the USA up big, and let out an over top celebration of blowing a kiss to the Swedish crowd.

However, the American captain Rutger Mcgroarty is facing the most criticism for his actions while accepting the gold medal. When he was called to accept the medal, McGroarty did a ridiculous dance-walk on his way, in front of a dejected Swedish roster and crowd.

There's a distinct line between players genuinely celebrating a hard-earned victory and pulling stunts like these to taunt and humiliate the opponent. It may be expected from the inherent immaturity at the World Juniors, but these players will have to develop different habits and behaviour if they want to succeed and be respected at the NHL level.
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Team USA Captain shows no class while accepting gold at World Juniors

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