Serious issues have arisen with coaching in Edmonton.

Published October 25, 2023 at 0:00

It feels like this season for the Edmonton Oilers is being squeezed in a giant vice. The pressure continues to escalate as expectations are incredibly high and continue to rise.

After losing to the Vegas Golden Knights in the second round last year, this left a bitter taste in many Oilers fans' mouths, as this team was expected to go all the way, considering how many top teams fell early in the first round during the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the portions of the team that failed them during the season let them down in the second round.

With little change made during the offseason, everyone expected them to have a fast start and get back to where they were prior to the end of the season. However, this has not been the case, as the team has faltered and stumbled.

These problems, including poor goaltending, terrible defense, and a lack of attention to detail, have fans in Oil Country wanting Jay Woodcroft's head.

It's quite remarkable how Jay Woodcroft's fortunes have changed in less than three months. He had this team riding high, and the 2nd best record since coming onboard in 2022. Now they cant even put three periods together.

After losing the game to the Blues, fans continue to express their anger towards the coaching staff and the team on various platforms.

The clock is ticking, and we will see if General Manager Ken Holland will pull the trigger and relieve Woodcroft and his staff in the next few days.
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Serious issues have arisen with coaching in Edmonton.

Will Jay Woodcroft be fired in the next week?

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