Scotia Bank is Giving Away a Massive Amount of Pride Tape As a result of the NHL's reversal

Published October 24, 2023 at 6:43 PM

Prior to the start of the 2023-2024 NHL season, pride tape had been banned by the league. It was intended to demonstrate inclusivity for marginalized members of the LGBT community.

Before banning pride tape, the league banned specialty nights and jerseys altogether to avoid appearing totally reactionary.

From LGBTQ+ publisher OutSports back in September:

Outsports has learned that the NHL has issued a league-wide ban of Pride Tape on the ice with the players during warm-ups, games and even practices. A league spokesperson has confirmed this change in policy with Outsports.

The NHL was also forced to clarify a memo sent to every team recently after some expressed confusion. The main part that had teams unsure was:

Players shall not be put in the position of having to demonstrate (or where they may be appearing to demonstrate) personal support for any Special Initiatives. A factor that may be considered in this regard includes, for example, whether a Player (or Players) is required to be in close proximity to any groups or individuals visibly or otherwise clearly associated with such Special Initiative(s).

- OutSports

Players and teams were confused by the memo regarding Pride Tape during warm-ups and practices.

1/3 Pride always has a place in hockey. That's why we're giving away 5,000 rolls of Pride Tape at branches across Canada to fans and players who want to show their support for Pride and making hockey more inclusive. #hockeyforall

The league, in all its foolishness, rescinded the ban, thus proving people like Scott Laughton and Travis Dermott correct.

5,000 rolls of pride tape will be distributed across the country by ScotiaBank as well.

As a result of players like Travis Dermott and Scott Laughton, who have always been aware of how wrongheaded this policy is, the league was forced to rescind the ban.

League source confirms the ban on Pride Tape for NHL players has been rescinded.

Can confirm the NHL is rescinding the rule that prevented players from using Pride Tape on ice this season. Expect an official announcement to come shortly.

There is word the NHL, NHLPA and NHL Player Inclusion Coalition have agreed that players will have the option to represent social causes with stick tape throughout the season. This includes games and practices

However the NHL will never live down the PR nightmare as a result of bad policymaking. How's it going Gary?

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Scotia Bank is Giving Away a Massive Amount of Pride Tape As a result of the NHL's reversal

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