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Edmonton Oilers fans are not happy with the new lineup changes

Published October 24, 2023 at 6:07 PM

Jay Woodcroft's recent decisions regarding the Edmonton Oilers are raising a lot of eyebrows.

Connor McDavid's absence means the team will have to find a way to stay competitive without him.

As a result of the absence, Woodcroft shuffled the lines. In addition, the lineup changes may seem a bit confusing.

The biggest change is Mattias Janmark joining the top line from the 4th line, where he has been a defensive forward for the past few seasons.

Leon Draisaitl will center Janmark and Evander Kane alongside him.

Lemme get this straight, Janmark has an abysmal game against the Jets, two poor penalties, and was otherwise invisible on line 2 so now he gets promoted to line 1? This is criminal Dylan Holloway is RIGHT THERE

The team has a 1-3-1 record to start the season, and fans are not happy.

With an xgf % of 35.67 and outscored 5 to 0, Janmark isn't exactly the kind of forward you need on the ice.

Just a reminder that back when 97 was healthy, Janmark averaged the seventh most 5on5 TOI amongst forwards. So, I'm sure Woodcroft will be totally sensible with his icetime now

Woodcroft looking at tonight's line up

There isn't a team in the NHL that would have Janmark on their #1 line.

Except the Jay Woodcroft Edmonton Oilers.

Does Woody need a wellness check?

Alright Woodcroft is one of the worst coaches in the league I've seen enough

Trade Janmark for future considerations

It's obvious he hasn't been the best forward on the team, so fans are right to be outraged.

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Edmonton Oilers fans are not happy with the new lineup changes

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