Leon Draisaitl Destroys Mitch Marner in Awesome Off-Ice Challenge

Published October 24, 2023 at 11:48

Over the years in the NHL, the debate between the Eastern Conference versus the Western Conference has persisted. There is always a constant balancing act
to determine which conference is stronger than the other, and sometimes one conference outperforms the other by winning the Stanley Cup more frequently.

For quite some time, the Western Conference has been the odds-on favourite to win. During last year's trade deadline, it seemed that the East was the odds favourite, as many great players flocked to the Eastern Conference to bolster their teams in an attempt to make a championship run.

In the end, the Vegas Golden Knights of the Western Conference took the crown and are the reigning Stanley Cup champions.

Sports Interaction, the website and betting company that has been one of the leading betting companies in sports, created a hilarious video depicting the East versus West rivalry, featuring Mitch Marner of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Leon Draisaitl of the Edmonton Oilers.

Both players faced off against each other while staying at a cottage on the lake with former superstar defenseman Chris Pronger as the host. After several events, the guys had fun and always poked fun at Pronger's expense.

Time will tell whether this year Western team will win again or if the East will have a chance to claim the championship.
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Leon Draisaitl Destroys Mitch Marner in Awesome Off-Ice Challenge

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