Maple Leafs Star Players Speaks Out on NHL's Controversial Ban

Published October 24, 2023 at 6:26

Maple Leafs Star Shows Pride Tape Display

Travis Dermott's recent use of Pride tape during an NHL game has sparked conversations. Despite Commissioner Gary Bettman's ban on Pride tape, Dermott creatively applied it to the shaft of his stick, becoming the first player to do so.

Arizona Coyotes player Travis Dermott becomes the first hockey player to openly defy the NHL's ban on using Pride tape.

The player was seen with rainbow tape on his hockey stick during his Saturday game.

The NHL has mentioned that the situation is under review, and Dermott has received significant support. Former teammate Morgan Rielly has voiced his backing for Dermott's move, emphasizing the courage it takes to defy a ban.

If you look back at pictures, he's always done that.... Whenever you're asked not to do something and you do it anyway, it takes a little bit of courage, and I support him. I think it's a good move by him.

Rielly has also expressed his disappointment with the ban and underlined the importance of supporting worthy causes back on October 10th:

"It's unfortunate," he said to the media. "I think as players, as people, and individuals, we're going to continue to support those people and those causes that we think need it or are worth and very deserving of it.

"So, I mean, whatever statement was made is fine, but as players we're going to continue to offer support and be allies, and we want to be a part of this community."

Dermott's actions may inspire other players to make similar statements in the future. To read more, visit the link in the attachment below:

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Maple Leafs Star Players Speaks Out on NHL's Controversial Ban

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