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Players Union may take legal action on behalf of Corey Perry

Published December 14, 2023 at 12:23
The entire hockey world was shocked by Corey Perry's abrupt departure from the Chicago Blackhawks this year. After signing a one year, $4M contract with the team this offseason, Perry was expected to provide a veteran presence to Connor Bedard and the rebuilding Blackhawks team - before an off-ice alcohol related incident led to his contract being terminated. Now, the Players' Union could be putting up a fight.

Since then, Perry has remained entirely silent on the matter, although there has been rumours of other teams checking in on his status, and possible contract talks. Recently, commissioner Gary Bettman left Perry an avenue to return to the NHL, but it would have to be personally approved by Bettman.

According to Elliotte Friedman in his latest 32 thoughts blog, the NHLPA is now considering filing a grievance for Perry's contract termination. Even is Perry is unwilling to pursue the litigation, the Players' Union has the power to file the grievance on his behalf, to not allow a precedent for vague contract terminations.

Don't know what Corey Perry's decision will be, but there definitely is a push for the union to grieve even if Perry declines. I don't know exact details and have no desire to minimize anything, but there are strong feelings the NHLPA cannot allow this precedent.

If this is truly the end of Corey Perry, it will be a dark and disappointing end to a fantastic career. Hopefully for himself, Perry can recover from his alcohol issue, and possibly pursue a comeback in the NHL this season or next.
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Players Union may take legal action on behalf of Corey Perry

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