P.K. Subban starting his analyst career
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P.K. Subban doubles down on terrible comments about Oilers

Published January 19, 2024 at 6:45 PM
P.K. Subban as an analyst has always been a questionable decision, as hockey media transitions from league-wide knowledgeable analysts to loud personalities. He caught a lot of flack recently for these comments on the Oilers, as he should. He clearly doesn't watch Oilers games, and pretends to know what he's talking about. He recently tweeted a response to the backlash he's been receiving, doubling down on what he said.

This is what makes it clear that he doesn't watch the Oilers play, at least recently, since over their 12 game win streak they have only let in an average of 1.75 goals against per game, leading the league in that span. This shows how much the defense has truly improved over that span, as they have drastically improved from their dreadful start of the year.

Even across the whole year, the Oilers still are 12th in the league with 2.95 goals against per game. For a team that has often been criticized for their 5v5 play, they have been exceptional recently. P.K. says that defensive structure and good goaltending win cups, but under Kris Knoblauch their defensive structure has been amazing, and Stuart Skinner has been the best goaltender in the league over their winning stretch.

It's obvious that Subban doesn't watch Oilers games or know what he's talking about, and he should be embarrassed as an analyst for being so blatantly wrong.
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P.K. Subban doubles down on terrible comments about Oilers

Is P. K. Subban a good analyst?

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