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Forbes reveals the Edmonton Oilers franchise now overpowers the Maple Leafs

Published January 19, 2024 at 6:07 PM
The Oilers are one of the franchises in the NHL that have had the most success with drafting high end superstars, and McDavid and Draisaitl are continuing to tear up the league right now. These Superstars are invariably good for a franchise's success, as they can add revenue in so many different areas. That makes it no surprise when Forbes reveals just how profitable the Oilers truly are:

When it comes to revenue there are the obvious points of jersey sales, regular season tickets and playoff tickets for people to come watch the stars play. But then there's also increased TV revenue from fans around the league who want to watch McDavid, more players being brought in to play with McDavid and bringing their fans with them, and so many more factors.

This culminates in the Oilers being the most profitable franchise, which becomes even more impressive the more you think about it. They trump all original 6 teams, which all have stories histories and passionate fans. They also out-perform the Leafs, who charge an arm and a leg for tickets, and have at least 4 huge names in jersey sales. It shows how much people have started to show their support to the Oilers, and how much influence their stars really have in the NHL.

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Forbes reveals the Edmonton Oilers franchise now overpowers the Maple Leafs

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