P.K. Subban calls out the Oilers and their fans yet again

Noel Drolet
January 23, 2024  (7:33 PM)

P.K. Subban as an analyst.
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After P.K. Subban's recent comments on the Oilers, he has decided not only to double down, but has tripled down on his comments. Subban released another video to X where he highlights why he said what he did about the Oilers, although he still doesn't quite understand why the Oilers are looked at so highly right now.

Subban mentions that the teams that the Oilers have beat over their 13 game win streak are all bad teams, but what that doesn't account for are the scores of these games. 4-3 over the Rangers, one of the best teams in the league. 6-3 over the Devils, who were considered to be one of the better teams entering the season. 5-0 and 7-2 wins over the Sharks and the Ducks respectively, when the other team didn't even stand a chance. 4-2 over the Leafs, who are still a very strong hockey team. He doesn't account for just how good the team has been statistically over this stretch, something that you can tell he's purposely overlooked.
Subban also makes it a point to talk about how the defence has improved under Coffey, but doesn't actually reference how good the defensive change has been. Since defence and goaltending were the main kryptonite of the Oilers during their horrid stretch at the start of the season, it should be pointed out that not only has the defence been amazing since the hiring of Coffey, but the goaltending has gotten better too. The Oilers have gone from having a 36.17% share of the goals in their first 7 games, to having a 67.4% goal share over their last 7.
The Oilers have also been great offensively, as they hold a 58.1% 5 on 5 expected goals for, which ranks first in the league. This is incredible from a team who often gets slandered for its 5 on 5 performance, which they now lead the league in. Their special teams have also been top 10 in the season, holding 6th on the powerplay, and 9th on the penalty kill. If you can have both special teams be that productive and a league leading 5 on 5 game, that is the true recipe for success in the league.
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P.K. Subban calls out the Oilers and their fans yet again

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