Sidney Crosby in the bench with the Penguins.
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Sidney Crosby now a target of scam affecting all Canadians

Published January 23, 2024 at 2:55 PM
In recent months, all Canadians online have become plagued by a new and malignant online scam that uses artificially generated news headlines about popular Canadian figures to lure in its victims. Most notably it's been former celebrity chef Mary Berg, singer Michael Buble, and comedian Rick Mercer. Now it's come for one of hockey's most beloved figures - Sidney Crosby.

The scam users generations of popular news outlets graphics, and says that Crosby needs to face some kind of justice for vague accusations against him. It's completely let bogus, and the links are entirely used as scams. Below are some pictures of the types of scams being used with Crosby.



According to a recent report from Vice, Bell Media has undertaken efforts on behalf of Mary Berg to curb the bizarre scam from spreading.

It's bizarre and awful that these scams are running so rampant currently on X, formerly known as Twitter. Surely, these celebrities being targeted are also filing complaints in an effort to resolve this and shut down this scam. For now, all we can do is spread awareness that this is a scam, and to stay away from these types of posts.
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Sidney Crosby now a target of scam affecting all Canadians

Should these scams be allowed on social media?

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