Daigle compares himself to McDavid
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One of the biggest busts in NHL history compares himself to Connor McDavid

Published January 19, 2024 at 7:02
Alexandre Daigle was drafted first overall in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft by the Ottawa Senators when the Senators were only one year old. Everyone had extremely high expectations for him as they felt he was going to be 100 plus player every year and help bring the newly formed Senators into a new era.

The NHL and their fanbase quickly realized that this was a pipe dream and that he was dubbed one of the worst draft busts in NHL history. During the Cam and Strict podcast, Daigle was on as a guest and gave his honest opinion on how he felt with that title around his neck.

Calling himself the McDavid of Ottawa is certainly a bold statement as the hype around him was very similar to McDavid back in 2015. However, it was nothing short of a complete disaster for the Senators as he was expected to lead the team who then would be able to help other players come to the team and round them out.

Throughout his 12 years in the NHL, he played for six NHL organisations. His numbers were atrocious as he played 616 games, scored 129 goals with 198 assists for 327 points he was a - 176.

Having looked back at these stats and looking at what they are today, the description given as a bust certainly is fitting considering what was expected of him so long ago.
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One of the biggest busts in NHL history compares himself to Connor McDavid

Who would you say is the biggest flop at the draft in NHL history?

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