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Oilers Fans Make A Huge Uproar To Have This Coach Fired

Published October 18, 2023 at 11:15

For the start of the season, Edmonton Oilers fans were promised an exceptionally strong and well-rounded team. Despite that, after losing twice to the Vancouver Canucks in the same season, they're sour about many aspects of their game.

One of them is goaltending, where both goaltenders share a pathetic .750 save percentage. The crease should be shared, not the save percentage.

Dustin Schwartz has been the Oilers goalie coach since 2014. The best sv% over the past 8+ years is Mike Smith at .913 sv% and we know he would never take direction.

So the question is are the Oilers goaltenders that bad or is it time for a coaching change?

Since Oilers goaltenders have failed to deliver in key situations for 7 years, it may be indicative of a structural issue.

Jack Campbell and Stuart Skinner have let in 12 combined goals, which has put them under media and fan scrutiny. The $25 million contract Jack Campbell signed does not instill confidence in him either.

They were unable to hold the crease against the depth of the Vegas Golden Knights, who wore the team down by committee and eventually won the Stanley Cup.

They booed Dustin Schwartz LMFAO

Does the problem lie with the goal-tending coach, if it is indeed a structural issue? He has cycled through 17 goaltenders with the Oilers, all with save percentages below .900.

The situation is so tense now that Oilers fans even booed him during the season opener.

At what point do we look to Dustin Schwartz and ask, wtf are you doing, it's been 9 years of goalies coming to Edmonton and dying #Oilers

The lack of oversight by Ken Holland does not inspire confidence since he has claimed to want a Stanley Cup, but hasn't reorganized the goaltending department.

Goalies themselves deserve criticism for not meeting the challenge despite being well compensated, as they have not performed well.
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Oilers Fans Make A Huge Uproar To Have This Coach Fired

Should the Oilers replace Dustin Schwartz?

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