A Huge Deal Is In Store for Edmonton Oilers Fans At Costco: Run!

Published October 18, 2023 at 11:15

In the US, Costco is known for selling cheap hot-dogs, and former executives threaten new executives with hellfire if they change the price. Edmonton Oilers fans are fortunate to benefit from the store's generosity.

As the NHL regular season gets underway, the store is running a sale on Edmonton Oilers merchandise.

The deal on Oilers merch was discovered by reddit user WhsManager at Costco, where Oilers hoodies are currently on sale for $29.99.

The hoodies are located at Costco at 13650 50 Street in north Edmonton. According to a manager who works at that location, they recently received the sweaters.

«As far as I am aware, we received the adult [sweaters] this morning,» a Costco manager told Daily Hive. «We had the youth [sweaters] late last week.»

The 13650 50 Street location in North Edmonton has these hoodies. Apparently, the person who posted the deal on Reddit works there.

We are not told how long the inventory will remain, if it will be restocked, or if the sale will continue. Due to the great deal they offer, they are popular with Oilers fans.

«Any time we get anything like [this] it's a specifically hot item,» added the manager.

One fan on Reddit joked about how much cheaper these sweaters are compared to the ones you might find in Rogers Place during a game.

«These would be $150 in Rogers Place,» commented Reddit user mrhairybolo.

In Rogers Arena, a hoodie can cost from $50 to $189 dollars from Ice District Authentics.

Costco has great hoodies at affordable prices, so if you're looking for a new hoodie now, don't worry about Rogers Arena prices later.

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A Huge Deal Is In Store for Edmonton Oilers Fans At Costco: Run!

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