NHL Superstar Pleads Guilty to Illegal Use of a Firearm

Published August 15, 2023 at 2:57 PM

Panarin Faces Legal Trouble Over Gun Firing Incident

Artemi Panarin encountered legal issues when he was recently discovered firing a gun in an unauthorized area on July 6th.

The incident led to an administrative fine and the confiscation of the firearm. Panarin reportedly admitted guilt, which was highlighted in a statement from the district commissioner of the Moshensky district of the Borovichsky police department.

The statement detailed that Panarin had fired shots from his firearm on the Tumashevo tract. Although a Borovichi District Court imposed a fine of 40 thousand rubles and gun confiscation, the decision can still be appealed. This episode adds to Panarin's concerns as he prepares to return to the New York Rangers.

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