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NHL Playoff/Cup Chances... What's Your Team's Odds?

Published December 28, 2022 at 1:06 PM

The 2022-23 season is nearing it's halfway point, so which teams have a shot at making the playoffs, and what are the odd of teams advancing to win the CUP?

Glad you asked. Moneypuck.com recently gave us that info, so let's share it here and analyze their predictions.

Examining the Eastern Conference playoff odds first, there are some surprises.

The prediction that the New York Rangers have only a 35% chance of making the playoffs seems a bit off. They currently reside in the second wild-card spot and just have too much talent to not make the playoffs.

Then, the Washington Capitals show just a 26% chance of postseason play, yet they are third in the Metro Division as of this writing.

The biggest surprise has to be the Buffalo Sabres possessing a whopping 72% chance to get to the playoffs for the first time since 2011, when they lost in the first round. There may be some justified hype about Tage Thompson's amazing play and also that of Rasmus Dahlin, but 72%?

Moving to the Western Conference, we also see some amazing results. The Colorado Avalanche, who have been decimated by injuries have a 65% shot at playing for the Cup. That puts them on the outside looking in falling to the 17th position and out of contention, but by just 1%. With Nathan MacKinnon coming back shortly, the Av's should pick it up and make the cut.

Ranking the St. Louis Blues so lowly with just an 8% chance is also a surprise. Keep in mind that the Blues have been very unpredictable, but have turned it around a bit of late. They have 5-2-3 record which places them just five points out of playoff contention.

The remainder of Western Conference teams seem to be accurate as to where they will place for getting to the postseason. One or two exceptions may be the overrated 80% prediction for the Calgary Flames who just haven't played very well at all this season. While they are just one point behind gaining a wild-card spot, they have Edmonton, Colorado, and Seattle in front of them by one point.

Turning to the Stanley Cup odds, some more analysis is due.

The top five teams according to the odds are: Toronto Maple Leafs 9.7%, Calgary Flames 8.9%, New Jersey Devils 8.1%, Colorado Avalanche 7.5%, and the Carolina Hurricanes 6.6%.

Toronto may FINALLY shake the rust loose and compete, if not win it all. They have all the pieces, and may add a few more to really put them over the top.

The Calgary Flames at 8.9% has to be a huge surprise. With a disappointing 16-13-7 record, it's beginning to look like the Matthew Tkachuk trade has really destroyed the chemistry and winning ways of last season. They may not even make the playoffs.

The New Jersey Devils should definitely be above the Flames in this list. They have really come into their own this season. They put together 13 straight wins earlier, but recently dropped six in a row. They will make a run for the Cup.

The Colorado Avalanche being the reigning Cup champs only have that to go by this season. They have been decimated by injuries, and unless they recover soon, their chances at repeating will diminish.

Now the Carolina Hurricanes have been knocking on the Cup door for a bit. This may be the season they take it all.
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NHL Playoff/Cup Chances... What's Your Team's Odds?

Who is your top choice for winning the Cup this year?

Maple Leafs4036.7 %
Devils1311.9 %
Hurricanes3027.5 %
Vegas2623.9 %
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