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NHL Insider Publicly Calls Out Matthew Tkachuk and Disrespects Him

Published December 25, 2022 at 10:08 PM

Even on Christmas day Matthew Tkachuk is still taking in all the heat for his dirty antics, this time it's from a NHL insider, and it appears as if Tkachuk may have received a nice lump of coal for yesterdays holiday.

Larry Brooks, who has worked for the NHL as a publisher for many, many years, has released a column on Christmas day and he didn't hold back when speaking on Florida Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk, he dug into Tkachuk's recent antics that earned him a game misconduct against the New Jersey Devils just the other night.

Both teams were already heated heading into the last matchup for Christmas break following dirty antics that Devils' captain Nico Hischier initiated.
Tkachuk took the dirty route instead of challenging the Devils' captain to a fight, he would then jump the Devils captain at the end of the game and Larry Brooks of the NHL did not hold back in his column.

But no. Of course not. While a number of his teammates took multiple cheap shots against Hischier throughout the remainder of that game, Tkachuk waited until Tomas Tatar scored an empty-netter with 39.1 seconds to go in the rematch at Sunrise on Dec. 21 to pull his weasel act and jump Hischier from behind in a scrum. ''Sean Avery would be very proud''. Said Larry Brooks.

The incident in question can be seen below:

Is this an overblown situation from this NHL league rep, or is it yet another Tkachuk dirty play?
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NHL Insider Publicly Calls Out Matthew Tkachuk and Disrespects Him

Is this NHL writer going overboard on Tkachuk, or is he right?

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