Ryan Hartman and Cole Perfetti lining up for a faceoff.
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Minnesota Wild Player Exploits Loophole To Avoid Punishment From the League

Published January 2, 2024 at 2:03 PM
During the December 30th game of the Winnipeg Jets versus the Minnesota Wild, the outcome of the game was overshadowed by the news that Kirill Kaprizov would not return due to a hit by blue liner Brendan Dillon. After an already underwhelming season that has the Wild sitting 24th league wide, this is the last thing they wanted to hear.

This leads us to the second half of that back to back, where the same teams would meet up on New Year's Eve, where the Wild would again be bested by the Jets. The story again would not be the score, but instead Ryan Hartman's egregious high stick against Cole Perfetti.

This is made even worse after Cole Perfetti revealed he had been wearing a mic that game, which picked up Hartman saying that he was going to do it intentionally. This is the kind of thing that NHLPA was created for: to cut down on intentional offences that could result in injuries to players. However, Emily Kaplan revealed on X that the NHLPA and NHL have come to an agreement that says that audio obtained through a microphone cannot be used to incriminate players. Because of this, Hartman was only given a $4,400 fine as a result, which is a light slap on the wrist compared to what he should have received

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Minnesota Wild Player Exploits Loophole To Avoid Punishment From the League

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