Zach Hyman answering questions from the media post game.
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Edmonton Oilers player makes a bet with the media, and we now know the result

Published January 2, 2024 at 11:59
When times are tough on the Edmonton Oilers, sometimes the players' relationship with the media members can get a little rough. However when times are good and the team is winning, the Oilers are lauded by the city of Edmonton and the media as well. Now in a good stretch, one Oilers player is showing how close they can be with the media by making a bet with Bob Stauffer.

Early on in December, Zach Hyman and Bob Stauffer were discussing College Football and the teams they're fans of. When both realized they'd be cheering for opposite sides of the NCAA's Rose Bowl, they decided to make a fun bet on the result of the game.

With Hyman backing Michigan and Stauffer supporting Alabama, the two made a bet where the losing team's fan had to wear the hat of the winning team. Just a few hours ago, Stauffer showed up to the Oilers' morning skate with a Michigan hat on.

Also as part of the bet, Stauffer will have to wear the hat on tonight's broadcast as the Oilers take on the Philadelphia Flyers at home. Overall, it's great to see the media and the players get along so well, and we'll all be watching tonight for Bob on television stirring about in the Michigan team's hat.
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Edmonton Oilers player makes a bet with the media, and we now know the result

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