Lucic Opens Up About his Last Battle of Alberta

Published August 4, 2023 at 10:47 PM

The NHL's Battle of Alberta is a thrilling matchup that overshadows the Battle of Ontario. Both teams from Alberta fiercely compete in every game.

Milan Lucic, who has played for both teams, once described a recent playoff series between them as a "sh*t-show".

«I think we opened it up way too much against them," Lucic said. "You can't open it up at all against those guys and then, honestly, the worst thing that could've happened is we won game one, what was it, 9-5 or 9-6. So then you know game one is opened up, so then what do we think right away, ‘we think we can score with these guys because we put up 9 in game one' and thought that was the worst thing that could happen.»

«Then it seemed like when Hyman scored that PK goal in game two, I don't remember if it was to make it 4-3. Every game was a shit show and then I think we lost our heads and lost our cool and the way we needed to be, how we needed to be, and needed to play. And then you know every time we took a penalty they would score. Every time we got a lead they would score right away back you know after that.»

The Edmonton Oilers won the series with a five-game victory, with Connor McDavid scoring the overtime goal. The game was filled with rough play, including Lucic's hit on goaltender Mike Smith.

Lucic blamed the Calgary Flames for not doing enough to contain the Oilers, who have become regular playoff contenders.

The Flames have since undergone a major overhaul, with Darryl Sutter being recently fired, and are now fielding a younger squad.

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Lucic Opens Up About his Last Battle of Alberta

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