2023 Top Prospect Expected to Make Teams Who Pass on Him Pay

Published August 4, 2023 at 9:59 PM

The young hockey stars, including Jack Hughes, Cole Caufield, Steven Stamkos, Michael Misa, Wyatt Johnston, Trevor Zegras, and Matt Barzal, have played in front of enthusiastic crowds in this same tournament.

In 2015, impressive talent like Will Smith, Oliver Moore, Colby Barlow, Cal Ritchie, Brayden Yager, and Connor Bedard emerged. Riley Heidt, a skilled center, formed a strong bond with Yager. They remained top prospects and will share the NHL Draft spotlight soon.

Heidt, known for his playmaking skills and high hockey IQ, was instrumental in Prince George's success. He excels on the power play and demonstrates creativity in his passing.

Scouts appreciate his willingness to try new things and his two-way work ethic. While his skating needs improvement, his offensive abilities make him a potential high first-round pick. Scouts have mixed opinions on his consistency and physicality.

However, with further development, Heidt has the potential to become a valuable top-six NHL forward.

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2023 Top Prospect Expected to Make Teams Who Pass on Him Pay

If Riely Heidt falls to the Oilers draft slot in the first round, should they target a goalie or this future star?

A goalie11755.5 %
Heidt9444.5 %
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