Leon Draisaitl's Warmup Routine That Infuriates The Opposing Team

Published October 16, 2023 at 11:36

Edmonton Oilers' star forward Leon Draisaitl has a pregame tradition that adds a touch of gamesmanship to the warm-up routine. Before every game, as the opposing team is still on the ice, Draisaitl takes his shot across the rink and tries to sink the puck into the opposing net. This unique pregame ritual might just ruffle the feathers of his opponents before the real action begins.

Draisaitl's tradition is not just about testing his shooting skills; it's a way to send a clear message to the other team. It's a playful but strategic move that keeps the competitive spirit alive, even before the puck officially drops. While it may not be a common practice, it's certainly a lighthearted way for Draisaitl to get in the zone and perhaps distract his rivals just a little bit.

This intriguing pregame tradition is just another example of how players like Draisaitl bring their own personality and flair to the game of hockey. Whether it's a mind game or a playful warm-up routine, it's all part of what makes the sport so exciting.

So, next time you catch an Oilers game, keep an eye out for Draisaitl's signature move; it might just give his team an edge before the real action begins.
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Leon Draisaitl's Warmup Routine That Infuriates The Opposing Team

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