Leon Draisaitl Shows His 'Pissy' Side to The Edmonton Oilers Media

Published October 22, 2023 at 12:01

In last night's faceoff against the Winnipeg Jets, the Edmonton Oilers had a challenging match that ultimately ended in an overtime loss.

This defeat understandably left the team and their fans feeling disappointed and frustrated.

However, the game's frustrations didn't just stay on the ice. The post-game press conference took an unexpected turn, raising some eyebrows due to the nature of the questions posed by the Oilers' media.

One particular question stood out for its curious choice of target. A question related to a mistake by Oilers' goalie Stuart Skinner was directed at forward Leon Draisaitl, whose role in the game didn't necessarily relate to the issue at hand.

Draisaitl's response was sharp and to the point, highlighting the questionable relevance of the question.

This exchange between player and reporter revealed the importance of maintaining a degree of relevance and appropriateness in post-game media interactions. While the Oilers process the loss and look ahead, both the team and the media could aim for more constructive and pertinent exchanges moving forward.

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Leon Draisaitl Shows His 'Pissy' Side to The Edmonton Oilers Media

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