NHL Reviewing Suspension/Fine For Player Who Broke Their Policy Last Night

Published October 22, 2023 at 11:41

Pride in the NHL: The Ongoing Debate

In the world of the NHL, a significant issue has been the use of pride jerseys and related gear. This has been a long-standing matter of debate for both the NHL and its fans.

The Provorov Incident

This conversation began with a former Flyers defenseman, Ivan Provorov, who made a choice not to wear a pride jersey during warm-up. His reason was straightforward; it conflicted with his religious beliefs. This started a chain reaction, with other players voicing concerns about wearing pride colors. In response to this, the NHL banned all visible pride-related accessories on players' equipment.

Dermott's Subtle Challenge

But the story doesn't end there. Travis Dermott, who's played for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Vancouver Canucks and now represents the Arizona Coyotes, decided to take a quiet stand.

He added pride colors to his stick, thinking it would go unnoticed. However, in a world where cameras capture every move and fans are keen observers, his action was quickly spotted.

What's on the Horizon

Now, the NHL is in the spotlight as they've announced a review of the situation. The specifics of what penalties or fines Travis Dermott might face remain uncertain.

What's clear is that the conversation surrounding pride merchandise and tape in the NHL is far from over. Many players are determined to show their support for the pride movement, and this topic is likely to remain front and center, with the potential for more players to challenge the league's stance.

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NHL Reviewing Suspension/Fine For Player Who Broke Their Policy Last Night

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