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Ken Holland's sleeping off-season is much better

Published August 11, 2023 at 9:35 PM

When it comes to general managers' styles, Oilers GM Ken Holland has always been viewed as pragmatic. He does not exude any flash or take chances or leaps when it comes to trades. Instead, his moves are thought out thoroughly, which may sometimes leave you scratching your head, but ultimately, they make sense.

However, this offseason has been nothing short of stagnant. The Oilers did make one splash when they moved Kyler Yamamoto and Klim Kostin to the Detroit Red Wings to dump cap space and alleviate the team's financial pressure. Nevertheless, the Oilers find themselves in a bit of a pickle as they still feel the pinch of their cap problems, especially with the looming decisions regarding restricted free agents Evan Bouchard and Ryan McLeod.

Regarding Evan Bouchard, I believe his situation will be resolved, and it is unlikely that he will be offer-sheeted, as some have suggested. The real question remains whether he will sign a bridge deal with the Oilers or seek more money, given his impressive performance last year, especially in the playoffs.

There is hope that young stars like Dylan Holloway will step into roles and replace players like Yamamoto, providing the Oilers with much-needed cap relief.

Furthermore, there is speculation that Holland is preparing to become the president of hockey operations, which would lead to him handing over the general manager role to Steve Staios.

With these potential leadership changes, we can expect further developments with the Oilers, and better things may be on the horizon, especially next year at the trade deadline. The Oilers could be knocking on the door to the playoffs and embark on another long playoff run.
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Ken Holland's sleeping off-season is much better

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