Jamie Benn and Pat Maroon tangle in a great tilt

Published October 7, 2023 at 11:33 PM

The appetite and enthusiasm for hockey are rapidly increasing across North America as the NHL approaches the first game of the new season. Teams are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to face off against each other, reigniting old rivalries and settling playoff scores.

Tonight's game between the Dallas Stars and the Minnesota Wild, two teams that clashed in last year's playoffs, was marked by high energy. With the score reading 4-0 in favour of the Wild, tension began to escalate, and both Jamie Benn and Pat Maroon decided they had had enough.

Both players exchanged a flurry of blows, resulting in both of them being sent to the penalty box. Shortly thereafter, it appeared that Jamie Benn continued to exchange words with fans in Minnesota, and one of them apparently tossed popcorn at him.

This incident seemed fitting, as last year, during the series against the Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars fans were also seen showering popcorn on the Golden Knights players.

If this is a prelude to what this season has in store, we can anticipate an exciting lineup of games to come.
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Jamie Benn and Pat Maroon tangle in a great tilt

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