A projected salary cap increase and the impacts on the Edmonton Oilers in cap crunch territory

Published October 7, 2023 at 4:39 PM

For the last three years, the NHL has been in a salary cap crunch, with teams dealing with flat caps, some even internal. As a result of the recent announcement of an increase in the salary cap, things might be looking up.

Some teams, such as the Edmonton Oilers, could benefit from this relief due to a significant increase in their cap situation.

It is the first time that the NHL is reflecting its financial health by rewarding teams and players with a cap increase, even though they will earn it back in 2022-2023.

Next season, the NHL salary cap is expected to rise to close to $90 million, according to NHL Insider Dan Rosen.

On this season's salary cap of $83.5 Million, this would increase the cap by $4.5 Million. The increase for the last five years combined totals just a meager $4 million before next season.

In spite of the fact that this is promising, the impact on the Oilers salary cap would not be significant. There is a real cap crunch as they are $390, 792 over the salary cap for this season.

The team could benefit from a project next year with an $87.5 Million salary cap because it would give them $12, 308.33 in available funds. However, that would be without signing UFAs and RFAs, which could be a problem.

The list is expanding, as there are UFA's Warren Foegele, Mattias Janmark, Connor Brown, and Vincent Desharnais. The soon-to-be-restricted free agents are Dylan Holloway, Raphael Lavoie, and Markus Niemeläinen.

This isn't even the full list as there are more players in the Oilers system in the AHL and NHL who have contracts expiring soon.

While salary cap relief is helpful, a team that is on the verge of winning the Stanley Cup will face financial pressure.

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A projected salary cap increase and the impacts on the Edmonton Oilers in cap crunch territory

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