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Is William Nylander coming to Alberta?

Published August 6, 2023 at 0:03

One of the most discussed and hot-button topics in the Toronto media market is the future of William Nylander with the Maple Leafs. Over the past seven years, Nylander has emerged as a growing force on the offensive side, exceeding the expectations of many. His metrics have shown that he is becoming a player well beyond what was initially anticipated.

During the last three playoff series, particularly against Tampa Bay and Florida, Nylander proved to be a significant factor, demonstrating to the team's management and fan base why trading him would not be a wise decision.

However, with Auston Matthews preparing to sign a new contract extension and the team facing a lack of cap space, there is a strong possibility that Nylander may be on the move. Currently, he has a modified no-trade clause and a $6.9 million cap hit in his final season with the team.

Now that the Maple Leafs have hired Brad Treliving, there is speculation that Calgary might be the destination for Nylander in a potential trade. Several ties through the Flames organization could facilitate this trade.

Firstly, Nylander was born in Calgary and spent his childhood in the West due to his father, Michael Nylander, playing for the Flames for five seasons. While not a decisive factor, this connection could be relevant to the trade.

Secondly, the Maple Leafs would prefer to move Nylander to the Western Conference to face him only twice during the season and, if at all, during a potential playoff run in the Stanley Cup finals.

Brad Treliving's previous role as the general manager of the Flames and his ties to Craig Conroy, his former assistant general manager, could also play a role in making this trade happen. A few phone calls between Treliving and Conroy might reveal potential available players.

Rumours suggest that the player linked to the Maple Leafs in exchange for Nylander is Noah Hanifin. Hanifin's name had been previously mentioned in connection to Toronto when Mike Babcock and Mark Hunter were part of the Leafs organization. While both Babcock and Hunter had strong preferences for certain players, history has shown that Hunter's instincts were correct.

If the Maple Leafs are unable to extend Nylander's contract on their terms, and if he chooses to hold out again as he did the first time, Treliving is likely to move him to maximize his value before he becomes a free agent.

Losing a star like Nylander without any compensation would be detrimental to the team. I believe that the Toronto Maple Leafs will eventually re-sign Nylander to the deal they desire.
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Is William Nylander coming to Alberta?

Will William Nylander become a Flame this year?

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