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Radko Gudas Turns Down Offer From The Edmonton Oilers

Published August 5, 2023 at 4:26 PM

In a notable NHL offseason development, defenseman Radko Gudas, a highly sought-after free agent, declined contract offers from prominent Canadian teams, including the Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, and Toronto Maple Leafs.

Gudas explained that he wasn't keen on playing in Canada, especially in media-intensive markets like Toronto, where he experienced intense pressure during the playoffs as an opponent. He also mentioned the overwhelming attention he faced while playing against the Maple Leafs with the Florida Panthers.

Opting for a fresh start, Gudas signed a three-year, $12-million deal with the Anaheim Ducks, expressing his desire for a more low-key environment away from the NHL limelight in Canada.

"In an interview with @DenikSport, Radko Gudas said that he received offers from CGY & EDM & TOR. But he didn't want to play in Canada, especially in Toronto. He said the media pressure in the playoffs was crazy. He felt it even though he only played for Florida & not Toronto.

His choice aligns with a growing trend, where players consider media pressure and comfort when selecting teams."

Gudas's decision emphasizes the significance of personal preferences and player comfort in the NHL, raising questions about whether players avoiding high-pressure markets can perform at their best in critical moments, particularly during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
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Radko Gudas Turns Down Offer From The Edmonton Oilers

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