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Holland's Heir, GM, Leaves Oilers for Ottawa Senators?

Published August 19, 2023 at 9:54

Demonstrating a sound understanding of effective leadership, an organization's plans for succession are indicative of its commitment to proper leadership.

General managers and presidents cannot retain their positions indefinitely, as retirement or unfortunately, even death, can affect NHS organizations. These circumstances necessitate decisions regarding individuals to assume crucial roles, such as that of the general manager.

Over the course of the summer, the succession plans for the Edmonton Oilers became increasingly apparent. It became evident that Steve Staios, who had been employed by the organization, was poised to ascend to the role of the team's next general manager. This transition would transpire upon the retirement of Ken Holland or his potential shift to the position of president of hockey operations.

However, recent developments indicate a departure from this projected trajectory. Staios apprently has chosen to part ways with the Oilers and instead accept a position with the Ottawa Senators of the Eastern Conference.
Evidence of Staios' departure is clearly discernible on the Edmonton Oilers' official website.

A review of the coaches and management team reveals the absence of Staios' name and the removal of his picture. This decision aligns with the context of unexpected changes occurring at the upper echelons of the Oilers. This includes the appointment of Jeff Jackson, a former NHL player and agent, as the CEO of hockey operations and alternative governor.

Additionally, the podcast highlighted the ascendancy of Paul Coffey, who now serves as the special adviser to the owner and chairman.

Staios boasts significant connections to the Ottawa Senators' new owner, Michael Andlauer. Therefore, his decision to assume a role with the Senators is unsurprising.
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Holland's Heir, GM, Leaves Oilers for Ottawa Senators?

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