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Here's what we know about Elias Petterson's contract struggles

Published August 13, 2023 at 8:38

The Vancouver Canucks' top center, Elias Petterson, is yet to sign a contract with his current team.

He has postponed his contract negotiations, unlike many of his teammates who extended with the team during the off-season.

Elias Pettersson is one of many star players expected to wait until the Auston Matthews contract extension is completed before beginning negotiations with his team. Per, Harman Dayal, as reported by The Athletic.

There is belief Matthews' new extension with the Leafs will make him the highest paid player in the NHL coming in around $13.5M AAV, driving up the price of other star players around the NHL, Pettersson included.

Pettersson is entering the final year of his three-year deal he signed before the 2021-22 season which has a $7.35M AAV. While he's an RFA upon expiration, he will still earn a massive contract extension if the Canucks plan on keeping him long term.

According to Petterson, the postponement is to allow him to see how Auston Matthews' extension goes, since Matthews may end up being the highest paid player in the NHL.

In his break through season last year, Petterson scored 39 goals and recorded 102 points. Currently, he is in the final year of his last contract, with an annual average value of $7.35 million.

Since Matthews' contract will reset the market for #1 centers, it makes sense for Petterson to be patient, since he will be seeking a raise.

After a season like this past season, he may be offered upwards of $11 Million AAV on his next 8-year contract.

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Here's what we know about Elias Petterson's contract struggles

Will Elias Petterson's next contract be $11 Million AAV?

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