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BREAKING: Edmonton Oiler Reportedly on The Cover of EA Sports NHL 24

Published August 12, 2023 at 11:21

In a recent leak that's sparked excitement among hockey gaming enthusiasts, Connor McDavid has been leaked on twitter as the face of the NHL 24 technical test cover. Although this revelation doesn't definitively confirm his presence on the official game cover, historical trends suggest a strong likelihood. Over the past four years, athletes featured on the technical test cover have eventually transitioned to gracing the cover of the actual game.

McDavid's appearance on the cover of NHL 18 was met with acclaim, and it's no surprise that his name is in the mix again. After delivering yet another extraordinary season, showcasing his unmatched prowess on the ice, the anticipation for him to secure another game cover spot is palpable.

While the official confirmation is still pending, fans are eagerly waiting for the unveiling that could cement McDavid's status as the face of NHL 24. With his exceptional track record and remarkable achievements, he undoubtedly stands as a worthy candidate for this honor once again.

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BREAKING: Edmonton Oiler Reportedly on The Cover of EA Sports NHL 24

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