Garry Bettman's Multi-million dollar loss called out by NHL agent

Published August 28, 2023 at 2:04 PM

Gary Bettman, the NHL's commissioner, is under scrutiny as media rights issues create concerns for the league's future.

Subscriber Decline Under 7-Year Deal

Prominent player agent Allan Walsh emphasized the impact of the NHL's 7-year media rights deal with ESPN. During this deal, ESPN's subscriber count dropped from 80 million to 45 million. Disney, ESPN's parent company, is actively seeking a "strategic partner" for the network. This downturn raises questions about viewer losses during Bettman's tenure.

"The NHL is going into its 3rd year of its 7 year media rights deal with ESPN. Since that time, ESPN's subscriber base has fallen from 80 million to 45 million. Disney (parent company of ESPN) is now actively searching for a «strategic partner» for the network".

Bankruptcy Impact and Financial Worries

The NHL faces additional challenges due to Bally Sports' bankruptcy announcement. This development impacts $55 million in media rights and affects 12 NHL teams. The fallout triggers concerns about the league's financial stability and its potential impact on salary caps.

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Bettman's Leadership Under Question

As the NHL navigates media-related challenges and financial uncertainties, Gary Bettman's leadership abilities come into focus. The league must address these issues affecting its media presence and financial health.
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Garry Bettman's Multi-million dollar loss called out by NHL agent

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