Goalie Uncertainty and Roster Questions Addressed by Holland

Published August 28, 2023 at 1:48 PM

The Edmonton Oilers have only a few weeks left before their summer break concludes, and players begin returning to their practice facilities in anticipation of the upcoming season. The training camp is poised to offer an engaging spectacle, revealing which prospects from their pool will make the most favourable impression.

General Manager Ken Holland adopted a quieter approach to trades and changes during the summer. Recently, he discussed the team's plans and the starting lineup for the first game of the season in October.
In a conversation with Mark Spector of Sportsnet, Holland disclosed some of the Oilers' strategies.

"We'll begin with the seven defensemen who concluded last year. The goaltenders are already decided," Holland conveyed to Spector in a piece published on Saturday. "Concerning the forward positions, we secured Brandon Sutter's signature this summer. We'll assess their performance during the training camp and also monitor the waiver wire."

Regarding the goaltenders, the speculation surrounding Jack Campbell's future with the team can be put to rest for now. The Oilers have chosen to retain both goaltenders and evaluate whether they can continue to build upon their success, with Skinner having enjoyed a more prosperous season.

As the Oilers face the reality of Connor McDavid's contract expiring sooner than anticipated and the impending decision on Leon Draisaitl's next deal after the current season concludes, the team must maintain its drive to win, as articulated by Holland.

"My experiences over the years have taught me the importance of persistence. It's essential to perform well year after year. The teams you refer to, that's precisely their approach," Holland emphasized.
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Goalie Uncertainty and Roster Questions Addressed by Holland

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